Whether you are looking for a subtle monogram, bridal customization, a family crest, or embroidery for your fashion collection the team at Hand Embroiders Mfg. Co. is on hand to make the whole process easy and straightforward.

Whatever embroidery you are interested in it all starts with a simple conversation with our expert designers. We have specialists across all embroidery disciplines who can help you realize your vision on budget and on time. Your dedicated designer will listen to your ideas and present relevant designs and samples. The H&L team can work from a fully annotated design or collaborate closely with you from a brief, an idea, or a theme.

To help manage your budgets on large-scale orders we can offer two production options. Your embroidery can be produced in Canada at our Vancour atelier or alternatively in Pak at an atelier we have managed since 1984. Above all, whichever location you choose your embroidery will be produced to the highest standards.